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Reviews - Opinions - Editorials - Book chapters

Summarizing and critically discussing the state of the art of neuroscience research on a given topic can play an important role to inspire further studies, while providing a solid foundation for such future investigations. Below, we report a list of reviews, opinion papers, editorials and book chapters focusing on object vision in primates (DiCarlo et al., 2012) and rats (Zoccolan, 2015; Zoccolan and Di Filippo, 2018), as well as on more general topics, such as unsupervised learning in the visual system and artificial neural networks (Matteucci et al, 2024), sensory adaptation (Adibi et al., 2021) and the knowledge we can gain from studying the visual systems of non-primate species (Zoccolan et al., 2015).

Selected articles
Unsupervised learning of mid-level visual representations
Matteucci G, Piasini E & Zoccolan D (2024)
Curr. Opin. Neurobiol.: 84:102834
Editorial: Sensory Adaptation
Adibi M, Zoccolan D & Clifford CWG (2021)
Front. Syst. Neurosci.: 15: 809000
Methodological approaches to the behavioral investigation of visual perception in rodents.
Zoccolan D & Di Filippo A (2018)
Handbook of object novelty recognition.: Volume 27, 2018, Pages 69-101
Editorial: What can simple brains teach us about how vision works.
Zoccolan D, Cox DD & Benucci A (2015)
Front. Neural Circuits: doi: 10.3389/fncir.2015.00051
Invariant visual object recognition and shape processing in rats.
Zoccolan D (2015)
Behav. Brain. Res. : 285, 10-33
How does the brain solve visual object recognition?
DiCarlo JJ, Zoccolan D & Rust NC (2012)
Neuron : 73, 415-434