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The visual system can effortlessly recognize hundreds of thousands of objects in spite of tremendous variation in their appearance, resulting, for instance, from changes in objects’ position and pose, variable lighting conditions, and presence of background objects in the visual field. To achieve such an invariant representation of the visual world is an extremely difficult computational problem that even the most advanced artificial vision systems are not fully able to solve.

Our lab investigates the neuronal processing of visual object information, using a combination of psychophysics and multi-unit neuronal recordings in rodents, as well as simulations of computational models. Our hope is that this work will lead to a greater understanding of the neuronal substrates of visual perception and will assist in the development of machine vision systems and neuronal prostheses. 

Research Topics
our current reserch topics

Psychophysics of visual perception

Studying visual cognition in humans and rodents

Visual cortical neurophysiology

Understanding cortical processing of visual infomation

Computation - Theory

Modeling visual perception and visual cortical processing


Developing tools for behavioral neurophysiology

Reviews - Opinions

Reviewing and discussing vision science literature

Neuronal processing in lower species

Understanding neuronal computation in lower model organisms