Our edited books
Sensory adaptation
Adibi M, Zoccolan D & Clifford CWG eds.
Lausanne: Frontiers Media (2021)
What can simple brains teach us about how vision works.
Zoccolan D, Cox DD, Benucci A, Reid RC, eds
Lausanne: Frontiers Media. doi: 10.3389/978-2-88919-678-4 (2015)
Selected articles
Unsupervised learning of mid-level visual representations
Matteucci G, Piasini E & Zoccolan D (2024)
Curr. Opin. Neurobiol.: 84:102834
Truly pattern: Nonlinear integration of motion signals is required to account for the responses of pattern cells in rat visual cortex
Matteucci G, Bellacosa Marotti R, Zattera B, Zoccolan D (2023)
Science Adv.: 9 (45), eadh4690
Prune and distill: similar reformatting of image information along rat visual cortex and deep neural networks
Muratore P, Tafazoli S, Piasini E, Laio A, Zoccolan D (2022)
Adv. Neural Info. Processing Systems (NeurIPS): 35
Editorial: Sensory Adaptation
Adibi M, Zoccolan D & Clifford CWG (2021)
Front. Syst. Neurosci.: 15: 809000
Rat sensitivity to multipoint statistics is predicted by efficient coding of natural scenes
Caramellino R*, Piasini E*, Buccellato A, Carboncino A, Balasubramanian V & Zoccolan D (2021)
eLife: 2021; 10:e72081
Rats spontaneously perceive global motion direction of drifting plaids
Matteucci G*, Zattera B*, Bellacosa Marotti R, & Zoccolan D (2021)
Plos Comp. Biol.: 17(9): e1009415
Temporal stability of stimulus representation increases along rodent visual cortical hierarchies
Piasini E*, Soltuzu L*, Muratore P, Caramellino R, Vinken K, Op De Beeck H, Balasubramanian V & Zoccolan D (2021)
Nature Comm.: 12, 4448
A machine learning framework to optimize optic nerve electrical stimulation for vision restoration
Romeni S, Zoccolan D & Micera S (2021)
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A general-purpose mechanism of visual feature association in visual word identification and beyond.
Vidal Y, Viviani E, Zoccolan D & Crepaldi D (2021)
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A template-matching algorithm for laminar identification of cortical recording sites from evoked response potentials.
Matteucci G*, Riggi M* & Zoccolan D (2020)
J. Neurophys.: 124, 102-114
Unsupervised experience with temporal continuity of the visual environment is causally involved in the development of V1 complex cells.
Matteucci G & Zoccolan D (2020)
Science Adv.: 6(22), eaba3742
A passive, camera-based head-tracking system for real-time, three-dimensional estimation of head position and orientation in rodents.
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Characterization of visual object representations in rat primary visual cortex.
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Intrinsic dimension of data representations in deep neural networks.
Ansuini A, Laio A, Macke J & Zoccolan D (2019)
Adv. Neural Info. Processing Systems (NeurIPS): 32
Accuracy of rats in discriminating visual objects is explained by the complexity of their perceptual strategy.
Djurdjevic V*, Ansuini A*, Bertolini D, Macke JH & Zoccolan D (2018)
Curr. Biol. : 28(7), 1005-1015
Supralinear and supramodal integration of visual and tactile signals in rats: psychophysics and neuronal mechanisms.
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Methodological approaches to the behavioral investigation of visual perception in rodents.
Zoccolan D & Di Filippo A (2018)
Handbook of object novelty recognition.: Volume 27, 2018, Pages 69-101
Emergence of transformation-tolerant representations of visual objects in rat lateral extrastriate cortex.
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Editorial: What can simple brains teach us about how vision works.
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Rosselli FB*, Alemi A*, Ansuini A & Zoccolan D (2015)
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Shape similarity, better than semantic membership, accounts for the structure of visual object representations in a population of monkey inferotemporal neurons.
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Quantitative characterization and classification of leech behavior
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Statistics of decision making in the leech
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Dynamics and reproducibility of a moderately complex sensory-motor response in the medicinal leech
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Using optical flow to characterize sensory-motor interactions in a segment of the medicinal leech
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The use of optical flow to characterize muscle contraction
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