Giulio Matteucci
Giulio Matteucci

Former collaborator (2015 - 2020)

Former Position: Master student in Physics from University of Torino (2015-2016) and PhD student (2016-2020)
Next Position: “Experimental and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory” (Prof. Sami El- Boustani), Department of Basic Neurosciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva.
Selected articles
Unsupervised learning of mid-level visual representations
Matteucci G, Piasini E & Zoccolan D (2024)
Curr. Opin. Neurobiol.: 84:102834
Truly pattern: Nonlinear integration of motion signals is required to account for the responses of pattern cells in rat visual cortex
Matteucci G, Bellacosa Marotti R, Zattera B, Zoccolan D (2023)
Science Adv.: 9 (45), eadh4690
Rats spontaneously perceive global motion direction of drifting plaids
Matteucci G*, Zattera B*, Bellacosa Marotti R, & Zoccolan D (2021)
Plos Comp. Biol.: 17(9): e1009415
A template-matching algorithm for laminar identification of cortical recording sites from evoked response potentials.
Matteucci G*, Riggi M* & Zoccolan D (2020)
J. Neurophys.: 124, 102-114
Unsupervised experience with temporal continuity of the visual environment is causally involved in the development of V1 complex cells.
Matteucci G & Zoccolan D (2020)
Science Adv.: 6(22), eaba3742
Nonlinear processing of shape information in rat lateral extrastriate cortex.
Matteucci G, Bellacosa Marotti R, Riggi M, Rosselli FB & Zoccolan D (2019)
J. Neurosci. : 39, 1649-1670