TEX 2023: Efficient coding and processing for perception and action

Trieste Encounters in Cognitive Sciences (TEX) 2023 - Efficient coding and processing for perception and action

Jul 4 – 6, 2023
SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies

In this event, we will bring together computational and experimental scientists who study efficient coding and processing in the context of perception and action. Our goal is to exchange ideas in a rich and relaxed scientific environment. Talks by international speakers will be the starting point of round tables and informal discussions. 

Invited Speakers

Day 1 - Circuits & Computations

  • Friedemann Zenke (FMI & Basel University, Switzerland) - theoretical research on how neural networks learn and compute
  • Veronika Koren (University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany) - information processing by networks of neurons
  • Luigi Acerbi (University of Helsinki, Finland) - probabilistic machine and human learning
  • Matteo Marsili (ICTP, Italy) - learning and complex systems

Day 2 - Sensory processing

  • Laurenz Wiskott (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany) - principles of self-organization in neural systems
  • Wiktor Mlynarski (IST, Austria / LMU München, Germany) - theoretical principles of adaptive neural computations
  • Peter Neri (École Normale Supérieure, France) - sensory processing and computation
  • Andrea Benucci (RIKEN, Japan) - neural substrate of visual processing and decision making

Day 3 - Decision & Action

  • Camillo Padoa-Schioppa (WUSTL, USA) - neurobiological mechanisms of economic choice
  • Raunak Basu (ELSC, Israel) - neural mechanisms of complex decision-making
  • Angeles Salles (University of Illinois, USA) - auditory social communication and vocal learning

Details about the workshop can be found at the following link: TEX2023